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CSST – New Procedure for Payment

Québec - CSST
New Method for Payment of CSST Insurance Premiums

On January 1st 2011, a new method for payment of CSST insurance premiums comes into force. Thus, the employer does not have to pay the insurance premiums according to the wages budgeted but based on the wages paid. Moreover, the premiums are paid to Revenu Québec through periodic payments at the same time as the source deductions and employer contributions.

This document explains the procedure for managing the new method for payment of CSST insurance premiums.

Under the Information tab of the Payroll Configuration window, select the CSST checkbox in order to have a CSST tab displayed in the configuration window.

When updating the payroll year-end, the CSST option will be automatically selected if the business location corresponds to Québec.

Then, under the new CSST tab, it is possible to enter the periodic payment rate provided by the CSST. Under this tab, you can also find the maximum yearly earnings and the maximum weekly earnings. This information is displayed automatically during the year-end update.

Moreover, a new CSST column (with checkboxes) is displayed under certain tabs in the Payroll Configuration window in order to select the payroll lines that must be used for calculating the insurable earnings to the CSST. All the earnings lines included by default in the Acomba Payroll software are automatically selected according to the government standards. However, you must select the CSST box corresponding to the lines that have been added by your company, under the tabs of the Payroll Configuration window.

In each department, accessible from the Input menu, Payroll, Departments, under the Contributions tab, it is important to enter an expenses and a liabilities account in line 409 CSST.

In the employees’ files, accessible from the Input menu, Payroll, Employees, under the Definition tab, the CSST option is selected by default for all employees. You must verify if all employees really are eligible to the CSST.

In the Remittance Journal production window, accessible from the Report menu, Payroll, Remittance Journal, a new CSST option group box is available.

It is possible to enter an expenses account from this option group box. However, this account will only have an impact if an amount is entered in boxes 4, 5 and 6. Otherwise, the entry will be generated from the accounts entered in the departments.

In the Remittance Journal, we can notice that the payment is made within the provincial remittance.

Moreover, it is possible to issue a CSST statement in the payroll statements from the Report menu, Payroll, Payroll Reports.

In this report, you can view the insurable earnings and the contributions of each employee for each pay period.

CSST Provisions

It will still be possible to do a CSST provision when entering each payroll. The only modification is that if the CSST provisions are activated, they will be calculated for all employees.